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Spencers Music Room KC - About Us


Spencers Music Room owned and operated by Topeka, Kansas Native Jeff Tice buys, sells and trades new and used guitars, basses, amps and drums.

At Spencers we keep it simple and have been doing business the same way from the start, 1 customer at a time.

Our focus is, was and will be on NEW CLASSICS - What we DO BEST.  We love Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker and the traditional classics.  We own and play them and you should too as the classics are timeless.  

There are many shops who specialize in these guitars and do a far better job than we could of representing those guitars and amps.

Our Shop was started in the early 80's by guitar players, Ibanez, Dean, BC Rich fanatics who loved a good Floyd Rose guitar with a Hot Amplifier and a touch of the old distortion pedal on the front end for some pyrotechnics guided by cats named VH, Rhoads, Lynch, Vai, DiMartini, Satriani, Malmsteen and later Hammett, Petrucci and Laiho.

Spencers Music Room has carried on this tradition whether in and out of style for 25 years.



It is this level of quality we demand in our musical instruments and so should you.

As always we maintain a full staff of Guitar, Bass, Drum, Ukelele, Piano and Vocal teachers in our private lesson studios and will have a great season of Clinics this year sponsored by Tama, dDrums, ESP, Music Man and Ibanez to name a few.

Some of you may remember the In Store Clinic with an UNKNOWN GUITARIST named John Petrucci from an up and coming band named Dream Theater who had a "pretty good drummer named Mike" in tow or our friend from Topeka, Kansas - Andy McKee ( the crazy phenomenal acoustic guitarist with a couple of hits on his YouTube Videos) who stops in on occasion.

This year will be no exception - a guy by the name of Mr. Scary on 6 Strings, a firebreather named Batio on 6 strings AND 3 guitar necks, a skin basher named Sean from Megadeth to name a few and of course the album release party from Crisis, the band that put the M back in metal and Guitar Solos where they should be, EVERYWHERE.

OUR NEW STORE LOCATION is now open 1725 South Murlen Road at 151st Street and Murlen just 2 miles away from the old store with more floor space, more guitars, amps and drums and more lessons.  


Thanks for shopping with us, supporting us and we look forward to another 25 years.

Jeff Tice - Owner - Spencer's Music Room




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