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George Lynch ESP Electric Guitars

George Lynch ESP Electric Guitars


Lynch has endorsed ESP Guitars since 1986. His unique "Skull and Bones" guitar (affectionately named "Mom") that appeared in the late 1980s was designed and hand-crafted by artist John 'J. Frog' Garcia. Since George was contracted by ESP at the time, an ESP decal was applied to the headstock. Several George Lynch signature guitars have been produced by ESP Japan:


  • The Kamikaze model, based on his first ESP guitar
  • The Tiger model, a homemade Strat constructed from a stock of parts George bought from Charvel in the 1980s
  • The Skull & Snakes, a design later used for the Lynch Mob "Wicked Sensation" album artwork
  • The Flame Boy, based on an ESP Forest design
  • The New Super V, which includes distressed hardware and features and a new "Super V" pickup
  • The Ultra Tone, the first ESP guitar that George designed himself
  • The Serpent, an ESP model released and used in the 1990s


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