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Electric Acoustic Guitar - Bass Repair Kansas City


Spencer's Music Room Olathe, Kansas Can Fix and Repair Your Broken Guitar, Electronics and Hardware, change strings, custom guitar setups and neck adjustments.


Spencer's Music Room in Olathe, Kansas can fix and repair your broken guitar or bass. From string changes and restring, setups, neck adjustments, custom bone nuts, bridge saddles and fret filing.  

Our guitar repair shop also does guitar pickup installation - trouble shoot electronics  and can fix. replace or install guitar switches, knobs pots problem electronics and hardware

Guitar and Bass repair serving Greater Kansas City,Kansas, Missouri, Johnson County Kansas, Olathe, Lenexa, Overland Park, Gardner and Surrounding Areas.


Located in Olathe, Kansas we are just minutes from Lenexa, Overland Park and Johnson County and just 16 miles from Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  Located at 151st Street and Murlen in Olathe - see map, you can drop off your broken guitar or bass or leave it for a setup or neck adjustment quickly and easily.


Guitar Maintenance 101


Now that you have added that dream acoustic or electric from Spencer's Music Room to your arsenal, you need to keep it in top shape for years of carefree playing.



There are basically two places on a guitar or bass that should be cleaned to keep Cheeto dust, Red Bull residue and grime from ruining your axe; Switches and Potentiometors (pots). Use a de-oxidizer cleaner (Deoxit 45) available at most electronic stores (Radio Shack) : oil-based products can muck up the works even worse. Use a phillips head screwdriver to remove the pickguard, control plate or back control panel to gain access to the pots.

Spray the cleaner directly on the guitar switch contacts and move the lever back and forth to clean and quiet the switch.

Body and Neck

Use slightly damp cloth to keep your instrument fingerprint free. If you use a polish, use a non-silicone type to keep from ruining the finish. Polish should be applied to the cloth first, not the instrument.

When changing the strings on a guitar with a Maple fingerboard, a slightly damp cloth or a mild dish soap can be used to remove finger funk. Finish with a dry, 100% cotton cloth.

Rosewood or Ebony guitar or bass fingerboards, which normally don't have a finish need to be oiled now and again to prevent splitting and cracking. Lightly apply a wood paste wax after cleaning to remoisten the wood. Wipe away the excess oil.

Knobs and Buttons

Finally, check all screws for snugness. If your control knobs feel wobbly, pop em off and check the hex nuts that hold the pots to the plate. A loose pot can twist under pressure and break wires and short contacts.

Also check the strap holders, nothing like bouncing your new ESP, Ibanez, Dean, BC Rich, Seagull Alvarez or Music Man Guitar or Bass off the stage in front of a crowd of screaming fans.

This concludes this installment. Next Month we will discuss maintenance of your percussion instruments and field questions from our dedicated surfers on their particular instruments.

Also, be nice to your drummer, though mildly retarded, ugly as a red headed stepchild, and technically, not a member of the band, he is one step above a lead singer in the grand scheme of things and could be useful to borrow money from or date his sister.

Hardware, Tuning Keys and Bridge

Just wipe these monkeys down. If you bought a vintage instrument from Spencers Music Room Olathe Kansas, there may be a small hole in the back casing to apply a small drop of 3 in 1 oil to keep the gears moving smoothly. Always wipe off the excess.

You can also apply a small drop (use a Q-tip) of 3 in 1 oil on the bridge saddle, saddle screws and intonation adjustment screws.


Spencer's Music Room in Olathe, Kansas can fix and repair your broken guitar or bass. From tring changes, setups, neck adjustments, custom bone nuts and saddles, fret filing, pickup installation, problem electronics and hardware

Guitar repair electronics diagnostics, troubleshoot installation serving Greater Kansas City, Kansas, Missouri, Johnson County Kansas, Olathe, Gardner, Lenexa, Overland Park and Surrounding Areas.



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