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John Petrucci Music Man Guitars

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Signature Electric Guitars

Spencers Music Olathe, Kansas is an authorized dealer in KC for Music Man Guitars

Ernie Ball teamed up with John Petrucci 11 years ago to design one of the most revolutionary guitars ever made, the JP-6 Signature Model.  Since that time a JP-7 seven string guitar, a BFR Ball Family Reunion version, the JP Stealth, Baritone and the JPX.

Now the next evolution in John's guitar, the JPXl. This new signature model is being released to commemorate 11 years of collaboration with Dream Theater guitar player John Petrucci. The new body shape has a slightly thinner upper horn and a more symmetric bridge end profile. The body is also chambered for added acoustic resonance.


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